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Garage Doors & So Much More

For most homeowners, the garage has become the primary entryway to their home. Also, as a gateway to most homes, the garage is part of a home’s focal point. Therefore, maintaining a clean, smooth, streamlined, and efficient garage is paramount to keeping up a welcoming presentation, as well as boosting the value of any home…. Read more »

Now is the best time to get a LIFESTYLE garage screen for your home. Refer to our list below for our most frequently asked questions. Q: Does the screen interfere with my existing garage door? A: No, the LIFESTYLE Garage Screen works in conjunction with your existing garage door, allowing you to quickly switch between… Read more »

Most of us give little thought to their garage doors until we try to open them and they no longer function. If your garage door spring breaks, do not attempt to replace the spring on your own — your safety may be at risk if you do. Since your garage door is the largest moving… Read more »

Garage door openers of yesteryear are a whole lot different than they are today.  Garage door openers first made their appearance in the 1950’s.  Security was a huge problem back in those days because the garage door remotes & operators worked on the same frequency.  Almost any garage door opener remote would operate any opener…. Read more »

SpOOky Garage Doors

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October has just come to an end, which means only ONE MORE YEAR until Halloween!  While you’re eating all of your Halloween Candy, we thought we’d show you some cool garage door covers. These garage door covers are shockingly accurate and can be attached to your garage door using Velcro.  If you’re looking for a way… Read more »