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Garage Doors & So Much More

Garages are no longer used for just parking your vehicle. They are now an extension of your home and are multi-functional spaces used for workshops, play and craft areas – and are even used for entertaining guests! As the dynamic of garages has changed, so have the garage door accessories. New garage door accessories are… Read more »

For most homeowners, the garage has become the primary entryway to their home. Also, as a gateway to most homes, the garage is part of a home’s focal point. Therefore, maintaining a clean, smooth, streamlined, and efficient garage is paramount to keeping up a welcoming presentation, as well as boosting the value of any home…. Read more »

Most of us give little thought to their garage doors until we try to open them and they no longer function. If your garage door spring breaks, do not attempt to replace the spring on your own — your safety may be at risk if you do. Since your garage door is the largest moving… Read more »

Garage Security!

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Did you know your garage is the second most common access point for burglars? There are many ways you can protect your valuables and home from unwanted guests: Make sure your garage door opener is up to date with “rolling code” technology KEEP THE GARAGE DOORCLOSED!  If you’re working in the yard and out of view… Read more »

Imagine receiving an alert if you left your garage door open. Or being able to turn on and control your interior house lights when you’re not home. LiftMaster MyQ® Technology does this by letting you monitor, open and close your garage door and control your home lighting from anywhere – all from your smartphone. Have the… Read more »

Have you noticed that some people tend to leave their garage door open just a little bit during these hot summer months in Wisconsin. What is their reasoning? Leaving your garage door open can help increase airflow in your garage during the hottest times of the year. Cracking your garage door open shouldn’t subject your… Read more »

A common entry point to your home is the garage.  Unfortunately, thieves are targeting garages for that very reason.  If you own an older garage door operator, your home could be vulnerable.  Older operators use a “fixed code” technology, meaning the same “fixed” security code is used each time the remote button is pressed.  Criminals… Read more »

June is “Garage Door Safety Month”.  A garage door is the largest moving object in a home and an improperly adjusted door or opener can exert deadly force when the door closes.  Safety and precautions can protect your loved ones from potential harm.  Below are our 5 best safety tips:  Call a Professional – Repairing… Read more »

It’s October, and we’re getting ever so close to winter!  I bet many of you are ready to move that lawnmower of yours into storage.  Don’t you fear, there’s still plenty of grass that needs to be cut!  However, thieves are targeting objects that are easy to transport from your open garage, directly under homeowner’s… Read more »

Garage door keypads (also known as keyless entry systems) allow easy access to the opening and closing of your garage door.  They are easily mounted, usually near the garage door, and some units have a bright, backlit keypad to help when using in the dark.  But don’t worry, only those people who have the security code can… Read more »