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Garage Doors & So Much More

Garages are no longer used for just parking your vehicle. They are now an extension of your home and are multi-functional spaces used for workshops, play and craft areas – and are even used for entertaining guests! As the dynamic of garages has changed, so have the garage door accessories. New garage door accessories are… Read more »

If your storm door does not close properly, your home may be exposed to the outside elements. Check out some of the common solutions below to troubleshoot your issue! Refer to installation instructions to ensure proper installation. Make sure that the handle hardware is properly aligned and latching. Ensure the door closer operates freely and… Read more »

Since winter is right around the corner, it is important to prepare your home & exterior doors for the upcoming cold temperatures. Maintaining your doors for winter months can help in many ways! Weatherstripping If you feel cold air entering your home, replacing worn out weatherstripping is a great way to cut your heating bill… Read more »

Consider purchasing a storm door for your home if you don’t already have one installed. Following are just three of the benefits to adding a storm door:   Your Home is More Energy Efficient: Adding a storm door gives an extra layer of protection between the outside elements and your home. During the winter the… Read more »

Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding storm doors.  If you have additional questions, leave a comment below! Q: What should I do about condensation on my door? A: Interior humidity may take the form of condensation on relatively cool surfaces such as glass as a direct result of too… Read more »

If you haven’t looked at garage doors lately, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. A garage door can represent more than 30% of your home’s curb appeal, which makes choosing the right design especially important – and Clopay® has the widest selection available. With over 1,000 different designs in wood, steel, composite, aluminum and glass, you’re… Read more »

Most of us give little thought to their garage doors until we try to open them and they no longer function. If your garage door spring breaks, do not attempt to replace the spring on your own — your safety may be at risk if you do. Since your garage door is the largest moving… Read more »

It’s a brand new year and now is a great time to get a new garage door!  A common question asked is, “When should I replace my current garage door with a new one?”  For starters, if your garage door does not operate, then the door is a possible hazard.  Do not try and fix… Read more »

Joe Wilde Company is pleased to once again add a NEW offering to our list of quality products based on customer demand.  Introducing…Riviera Screen and SunRooms by Styleline.  We have sold Styleline aluminum awnings and patio covers for decades and are excited to expand into the SunRoom world.   Available in All season, 3-Season or Screen… Read more »