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Do you need a garage door tune-up?

Many of us believe that we’ll never need a garage door repair. Maintaining a working garage door or having a problem with our garage door is just not something we think about. Our garage doors are supposed to last forever, right? Wrong.

Plenty of circumstances can cause problems with your garage door.


Signs You Need a Garage Door Tune-Up


There’s a Bend in the Track
If you see a bend in one of the tracks, no matter how slight, get a garage door repair professional out for a repair as soon as possible. You can avoid more severe problems if you give track bends immediate attention. The garage door will not open and close correctly if the track begins to bend more. Moreover, it will if you don’t fix it quickly. The Joe Wilde Company can remedy this situation in expedited fashion.


Cracked Weatherstripping
Every few months, check the weatherstripping along the bottom of the garage door. Cold weather can make the rubber brittle and cause cracks. Hot weather can make it stick to the concrete floor and tear. Solid weatherstripping will keep the interior of your garage clean and safe from inclement weather. Also, it looks better, too.


Worn Rollers
When you take a close look at your garage door and its mechanisms, be sure to check the garage door rollers. It’s important to call a reputable garage door repair company such as Joe Wilde if you see chips, cracks, or anything worn. To keep things running smoothly, any damaged rollers should be replaced immediately.


Your Garage Door Doesn’t Move Smoothly
Does your garage door shudder, jerk, shake, or rattle as it rolls and closes? Does one side seem to raise or lower faster than the other? If so, your garage door may need a tune-up right now. It’s a clear sign that the tracks, bolts, or hinges need some maintenance. If not checked, it may not work at all very soon.


Scraping or Grinding Noises
Unfamiliar scraping and grinding noises are some of the most straightforward problems to discover. Turn off the car radio and listen as the garage door opens or closes. Hear something? Squeaking noises may be something as simple as debris (leaves, stones, etc.) on the door tracks, or as worrisome as loose hardware. Either way, it’s time for a garage door a tune-up. Joe Wilde is offering a great special throughout the month of January and February 2019 for garage door tune-ups.

garage door tune-up
Why Worry About Garage Doors?
Keeping your garage door in good working order will help it last longer and maintain its performance. However, when maintenance is neglected or only performed infrequently, it can cause serious problems beyond the inconvenience of a faulty automatic opener or malfunctioning garage door. Factors can and will come into play relating to personal safety, contents protection, unexpected expenses, and family security.


Why Contact a Professional Garage Door Repair Company


It’s important to work with a professional garage door repair company when your garage door starts having problems.  There’s always the risk of injury as well as making the problem worse.

Founded in 1945, The Joe Wilde Company has been owned and operated by three generations of Wildes. The staff always offers quality products with particular attention focused on customer service. The Joe Wilde Company is committed to customer satisfaction and is a leader in exterior home products.
Homeowners can alleviate their concerns by calling The Joe Wilde Company to perform a garage door tune-up on an annual or semi-annual schedule. When performing a garage door tune-up, Wilde technicians will address all the issues you may have. Call today!