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So you need a new Garage door? Today, garage doors are plentiful and the market is flooded with retailers and so-called experts claiming to have the best product.  If it’s your first time purchasing your new garage door, it can be tough. But, the experts at Joe Wilde Company can cut through the noise and put you right on track to purchasing the best garage door for your home.


Garage Doors Today


With today’s technology; Joe Wilde offers only the best in Steel doors and Steel w/ wood composite overlays which can withstand Wisconsin’s harsh weather for many years. Solid wood is beautiful but won’t last as long and requires regular painting or staining.

Consider how you use the door and your garage. Are several family members opening and closing it throughout the day? Look for something with durability. Do you use your garage as a workshop? Is there a finished room above it? If so, the door should be insulated to keep everything warm all winter. 


Garage Door Updates

Manufacturers have increased the selection of styles, materials, baked-on finishes, and are adding energy-saving window glazing and high-performance insulation. There are also more durable and high-tech door openers.

The most popular styles are the contemporary aluminum framed doors with glass panels and the classic carriage-house doors. Adding windows in the door panels is helpful to illuminate a dark garage interior.

Sectional, or roll-up doors, use torsion springs that use a drum assembly and shaft spring across the top. This helps to evenly distribute the weight of the door putting less strain on springs.

Make sure you get help from an expert in the garage door industry to help you choose your new door. The Joe Wilde Company’s showroom displays a wide variety of operational doors with many styles and finishes. The staff at Joe Wilde are knowledgeable and have the expertise to answer all of your questions and show you the beauty, quality, and functionality of all of their products.


The Cost of Garage Doors


The Cost of a Garage Door

How much does a new garage door cost? That depends. There is a broad range of styles and quality. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 report, the national average to replace a garage door is about $3,000. Add another $349 – $450 for a standard opener and $550 – $650 for a side mounted opener – which should be installed at the same time as the door. The good news is that installing a new garage door is a great investment. According to the same report, a garage entry will increase the value of your home by more than $2,800.

The best way to understand price and value is to call a reliable garage door retailer. Joe Wilde Company offers the best value for the product and only use quality products installed by certified technicians.

When you purchase your garage door from Joe Wilde, everything will be done right the first time and backed by a reputable company. Joe Wilde also offers free, no-obligation estimates. A sales representative can come to your home, or you can visit their showroom. They will help you with the decision-making process.


Where to Purchase a Door

The “big box” stores or home improvement centers have limited selections of garage doors. Most of the salespeople may not be able to answer your questions as they are not experts in the garage door industry.

A better option is to contact a local garage door expert such as the Joe Wilde Company. Founded in 1945 the company has been owned and operated by three generations of the Wilde family. Quality products and reliable, honest service continue to be offered today, with attention focused on their customer’s needs. Joe Wilde is a leader in exterior home products and provides excellent service and workmanship with a commitment to your satisfaction.