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Garage Doors & So Much More

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Daylight savings time is here. That means longer days, melting snow, and the coming of spring. For many, it’s also time for spring cleaning, including the garage. They rearrange the snow blower with the lawn mower and get out the bats, balls, and toys for outdoor activities.

It’s also time to look at your garage door system and consider it may be time for new garage doors. Especially after a long winter, spring is the best time to either give it a thorough tune-up or completely replace it.

Before deciding what to do, here are three points to ponder.

Garage Door Safety

If your garage is attached to the house, it’s often the most popular access to your home. It’s used after putting the car in the garage, when kids are coming home from school, bringing in groceries, etc. When remodeling or updating, most homeowners replace windows and doors for energy efficiency, but also to protect against break-ins and invasions. Unfortunately, they often forget about making the garage more secure.

Having a garage door opener stolen from your unlocked car is the easiest and fastest way to get robbed. You may install an alarm system for your home, but how protective is your garage entry?

Also, a garage door that doesn’t work correctly can cause harm to you or your family. Broken springs will allow a garage door to fall suddenly. Every year, there are reports of severe physical damage or even death by neglected garage entries.

To help you choose a better and stronger system, the Joe Wilde Company has a beautifully remodeled showroom displaying a wide array of operational doors in many finishes and styles. Knowledgeable salespeople will answer your questions and show you the functionality, quality, and safety of their selection.

Damaged Garage Entryways

Is your door damaged? Is it cracked, rotted, or dented? Is it hard to lower and raise? Today’s garage doors made of fiberglass, vinyl, wood composite, aluminum, and steel will withstand even the harshest of Wisconsin’s winters. It’s not unusual for a spring or the entire operating system to break down from changes in temperature and humidity. Springtime is the best time to replace your garage door, especially if it hasn’t been given a tune-up for a while.

It’s important to remember the average lifespan of a garage door spring is only 5 to 6 years long. Over time, it loses resilience and strength, even if it doesn’t break. The job of raising the door gets more difficult over time because a weakening spring has to work harder.

To get the right style, price, and durability, always call a reliable retailer. The Joe Wilde Company offers the best value for your ideal garage entryway. Joe Wilde only uses quality products installed by certified technicians. You can be sure every system is backed by a reputable company and is constructed the first time correctly.

Research a Good Price

Once the snow begins to melt, the building industry starts their new year as quickly as possible. This is true for the garage door business as well. Contact a professional Garage door company like Joe Wilde for choice selections and installation early in the season, before they get too busy. You may be able to find the perfect price to fit your budget.

At Joe Wilde Company, estimates are free and no-obligation. A sales representative will visit you, or you can head to their showroom to see their vast array of doors. Professional salespeople can help you decide what is best for you, your family, and your home.

Before bringing your bicycles, gardening tools, and sports equipment to the front of your garage, contact The Joe Wilde Company. Their professionals will give you a thorough report on the state of your garage.