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Garage Doors & So Much More

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replacing your garage door
Homeowners opt for renovations once in a while in certain areas of the house such as the kitchen and the bathroom but one area of the house where they fail to pay attention to it’s the garage door.
The garage is an essential part of the house as we store almost everything we don’t want to keep in our basement in the garage.
As with many challenges associated with replacing a part of the house the most consistent is expenses incurred because there is a high tendency you might end up spending more than you initially budgeted for renovation but the replacing your garage door is the exact opposite.
Replacing your garage is not only financially feasible but also reduces the risk of burglary through the garage door and besides it also saves money by being among the top energy-efficient home improvements decisions homeowners make.
With new technological advancement comes a means to conserve energy better and upgrading your garage door is one of those means. What matters is for your garage door to stay warm during winter which in turn transfers the heat to the garage space.
An energy-efficient garage door provides such comfort and the good news is upgrading your garage door not only saves you money but is also a good ROI because they retain their value, help cut energy cost and provide rebates and credits.
Take, for instance, a garage door upgrading that costs $1,595 would still be worth a whopping $1,410 at resale which is not the same for most home improvements that tend to wear out over time.
You also earn a good return on your investment in replacing your garage door because it is energy efficient which lowers your energy cost as much as possible due to the fact the rate you utilize either a cooling or heating system will be considerably minimized.
According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing your garage door is among the top two home improvement solutions which proffer an excellent return on investment next to replacing the front door with a steel door.
Another financial benefit of replacing your garage door is that according to Section 136 of the U.S. Code, energy conservation subsidies provided (directly or indirectly) to customers by public utilities* are non-taxable. This also applies to upgrade garage doors so, in the end; you’ll either get your cash back or an income tax deduction.
There are so many reasons why replacing your garage door is a great investment, but the problem is most homeowners don’t acknowledge this fact because; “It’s just the garage door,” “who pays attention to the garage door.”  Aside from getting a good ROI from upgrading your garage door, it also makes the difference when it comes to curb appeal by beautifying your home and giving your lifestyle a major upgrade.
Taxes, Insurance, and other reoccurring household expenses are enough as it is so it would be wise to make the most of a home improvement option that is not only affordable but is equally a great investment.