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Garage Doors & So Much More

Since winter is right around the corner, it is important to prepare your home & exterior doors for the upcoming cold temperatures. Maintaining your doors for winter months can help in many ways! Weatherstripping If you feel cold air entering your home, replacing worn out weatherstripping is a great way to cut your heating bill… Read more »

420 Years of Combined Experience!

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We may be a small company but our numbers are huge! With almost 420 years of combined experience and extensive industry knowledge under our roof, we are the experts you can trust. We’re a third generation, family-owned company serving three generations of customers. Read more about our history. With these outstanding numbers, you can rest… Read more »

The garage door is the largest moving object in your home, so the safety features of the device that lifts and closes your door are very  important!  In fact, for your opener to function properly, certain safety devices must be installed.  Since January, 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has required that all  residential garage… Read more »

Garage door openers of yesteryear are a whole lot different than they are today.  Garage door openers first made their appearance in the 1950’s.  Security was a huge problem back in those days because the garage door remotes & operators worked on the same frequency.  Almost any garage door opener remote would operate any opener…. Read more »

Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding garage doors.  If you have additional questions, let us know below! Q: How Important is insulation in a garage door? A: Insulation is important in a garage door for many reasons.  Insulated doors help control the temperature of the garage allowing less… Read more »

There are a couple of things you should take into consideration before purchasing a new garage door for your home.  Remember, a garage door is the largest moving object in your home, so quality is important!  Just like any major purchase, you should do a little research before spending the cash. First of all, you’ll… Read more »

Your commercial garage door is an important investment.  Most likely, your door often gets heavy usage, which may lead to frequent maintenance.  If you want to keep your garage door as good as new … you should learn to inspect your garage door properly and schedule regular maintenance. Proper Maintenance Since your commercial garage door… Read more »

Summer is among us!  I’m sure you’re happy Spring Cleaning is finished; now it’s the time of year for outdoor activities.  One exterior product that demands a lot of attention, and often gets the least amount, is the garage door.  If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that you’ll get a BIG RETURN when… Read more »

June is “Garage Door Safety Month”.  A garage door is the largest moving object in a home and an improperly adjusted door or opener can exert deadly force when the door closes.  Safety and precautions can protect your loved ones from potential harm.  Below are our 5 best safety tips:  Call a Professional – Repairing… Read more »

SpOOky Garage Doors

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October has just come to an end, which means only ONE MORE YEAR until Halloween!  While you’re eating all of your Halloween Candy, we thought we’d show you some cool garage door covers. These garage door covers are shockingly accurate and can be attached to your garage door using Velcro.  If you’re looking for a way… Read more »