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Since winter is right around the corner, it is important to prepare your home & exterior doors for the upcoming cold temperatures. Maintaining your doors for winter months can help in many ways! Weatherstripping If you feel cold air entering your home, replacing worn out weatherstripping is a great way to cut your heating bill… Read more »

Winter is right around the corner, so it’s important to prep your garage door for the colder weather. Follow our checklist below to ensure your garage door functions properly over the winter months.   Check Batteries in Remotes: Now is a great time to replace the batteries in your garage door remotes & wireless keypad…. Read more »

The New Year has brought us subzero weather and that freezing climate can be taxing on many things, including your garage door.  If your garage door is attached to your house, an insulated door can prevent the cold from getting into your home.  However, not all garage doors need to be insulated.  It’s important to… Read more »

Winter is Coming!

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Is your garage door ready to face the harsh conditions of winter? It is important to maintain all moving parts to make sure your garage door works smoothly throughout the winter season. Performing basic maintenance will provide you with carefree convenience for many years to come! Frequent lubrication will add on to the lifespan of… Read more »

Has your energy bill been higher or lower this year?  Don’t overlook the fact that your garage door can have a major effect on heat loss in the home.  The truth is, winterproofing your garage door can be a cost-effective way to help retain heat and save money in the process. Doors should be weatherstripped,… Read more »

Although we haven’t seen much snow yet this winter, cold weather is right around the corner!  Don’t let winter’s freeze be the cause of your garage door seal freezing to the concrete floor.  Living in Wisconsin, you’ve probably experienced snow piling up against your door or water dripping from your gutters causing your door to stick. The… Read more »

Hot or Cold Garage?

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If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you’ll want to consider an insulated door.    However, not all garage doors need to be insulated.  It’s important to know why an insulated garage door can be beneficial.  There are a couple of things which may influence your decision. Which way does your garage door… Read more »