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Lead Safe Info

Garage Door Lead Free Renovation

Lead exposure in young children can cause reduced IQ and attention span, impaired growth, reading and learning disabilities, hearing loss, and a range of other health and behavioral effects. Most exposures occur in homes or daycares built before 1978 where lead-based paint has deteriorated because of deferred maintenance or where lead hazards have been created through painting or renovation done without using lead-safe work practices.

Prevention of lead poisoning can be accomplished by eliminating lead-based paint hazards before children are exposed. Wisconsin’s goal is to eliminate this disease by working to make Wisconsin’s housing lead-safe, and by improving the detection and treatment of lead poisoning in children.

Childhood Lead Poisoning In Wisconsin

This background paper on childhood lead poisoning in Wisconsin was developed to provide the most current research about the effects of lead poisoning on children and how it continues to cause damage to their health and well-being throughout their lifespan. The report also includes a discussion of the efforts to address lead poisoning at the state, federal and international level.
Download the report.

Wisconsin’s Lead-Safe Renovation Rule

Under these rules, lead-safe renovator certification and company certification was required beginning April 22, 2010.

This rule affects child-occupied facilities in buildings built before 1978. Federal rule banned lead from residential paint in 1978. Disturbing paint in buildings built before lead was banned from paint can cause lead-tainted dust hazards to be created. When children are exposed to lead-tainted dust they can become lead poisoned. This new Wisconsin rule enforces a federal rule established by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 that was enacted to protect young children from being exposed to lead-based paint hazards that can be created during renovation activities.

Wisconsin is one of several states that the EPA has authorized to administer their own program.

View Guidelines for Lead-Safe Contractors.

Certified Lead Safe Renovators

This directory is a listing of companies that are certified Lead Safe Renovators and are a resource for people interested in obtaining lead services. They are not an endorsement by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services of the listed companies’ performance, nor do they imply preference over companies not listed. It is advisable to request bids and conduct reference checks before engaging any lead company.

To qualify for listing in this directory, a company must be certified and have at least one person certified in the appropriate discipline for the services the company offers. The companies listed work lead-safe when performing renovation and remodeling activities that disturb lead-based paint and have met these qualifications on the date shown in the directory title.Garage Door Lead Safe

What this means to you, the consumer?

In order to comply with Wisconsin’s Lead-Safe Renovation Rule, if your home was built before 1978 and the project involves disturbing paint in excess of the rule’s limits, this may mean an additional “lead-safe“ removal charge. Remember, this is for your safety and the safety of anyone living or visiting your home.