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Garage Door Service

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Our service technicians average over 34 years on the job with a combined service and installation department total of over 200 years! You can be assured we know what we’re doing when it comes to servicing overhead garage doors and openers. We service ALL BRANDS and keep fully stocked trucks to be able to quickly get your door back in operation.

24 Hour Emergency Service


Our skilled, experienced technicians are available to handle your emergency service needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. Call 262-439-6855 for emergency service. We will gather all necessary information and give you a repair estimate before dispatching a technician.

What do we Service?

Joe Wilde Company services ALL BRANDS of overhead garage doors and openers and we also provide service on our entire product line.Garage Door Service Tech

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Broken Springs

A broken spring can make it almost impossible to open your garage door. There are two types of springs:

Torsion – one or two springs hung on a shaft usually located at the top of the door opening that “wind up” as the door is closed.

Extension – two springs that each run along the upper right and left door tracks,and extend (stretch) or get longer when the door is lowered. 

Torsion Spring Extension Spring
Garage Door Torsion Spring

          Garage Door Extension Spring

The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 “cycles”. A cycle is one opening and one closing of the garage door. The steel spring experiences tremendous force each time the door opens or closes. Gradually, the steel fatigues with each flex, and eventually cracks and breaks, usually releasing its stored energy in an instant with a loud noise or bang. In garage door repairs, most accidents occur during the replacement of the springs.

While many door companies quote a flat fee for spring replacement, we prefer to quote a range and charge our customers for the actual cost of the spring that is on their own door. (Springs can vary in price by more than $30/spring.) Also, if one spring breaks, and they were installed at the same time, it is likely that the other will not be far behind since they both have the same wear and tear. For this reason, we suggest changing both springs at once (we typically replace extension springs in pairs) to save you the expense of a second service trip.


WARNING – Springs are under high tension. Only trained, qualified service technicians should replace or adjust springs.

Lifetime Spring Options

There is no “average” life of a spring, as spring life is based on number of “cycles” and each home uses their garage door a unique number of times in a year. Typical springs are rated for 10,000 cycles (approx 7 years based on 4 cycles/day). Many homeowners could benefit from upgrading to high cycle Lifetime Springs, which are rated at approx. 37,000 cycles. Should these springs ever break, we will replace them for FREE. You pay nothing for the material or the labor. Call us today for more information.

Door Hit/Section Damage

Don’t worry – it happens to everyone, even those of us in the garage door business. Doors are often damaged by someone running into it with a car, pulling the car in or out of the garage before the door is clear, or even by children playing. We will inspect the damage and with our knowledge of all major door manufacturers, will research to find the best solution for your repair or replacement. Our technicians are always available to secure your door until a permanent repair can be done.


All of our service labor is backed by a thirty (30) day labor warranty. Joe Wilde Company warrants that all parts used are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for which the parts were designed for a period of 12 months after installation. If the product should fail through defect in workmanship or material within the warranty period, Joe Wilde Company will either repair or replace the defective part without charge.

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